Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our New Logo

2nd Sight Dance Co. - New Logo
by Kimberly Moy - Marketing & Publicity

If you've been following us for a little while you are probably very familiar with our box logo, but as we've grown it became apparent that we needed our logo to grow with us. Glynn and I wanted something that was a little cleaner, but also encapsulated the illusion that we bring into our performances. If you've ever worked on creating something from scratch you know that it's hard.

I like to start on paper and then work my way to creating something in Paint before bringing it into professional software. Yes, Paint, the same software that you used in school when you were bored to make colorful shapes. Needless to say my designs, were not quite hitting their mark.

Glynn's Original Drawing
Kim's Paint Attempt

Again, it was back to the drawing board. I have found that the best and most effective ads and logos are the most literal, but I was drawing a blank. Our next point of inspiration came from a doodle. A doodle not by me or Glynn, but by Glynn's 13 year old daughter Gracie. I'm not sure if she was trying, but Gracie managed to hit the point of stating our name, but also adding little bits of illusion.

To the left you see her first drawing, which my immediate thought was "That would make a great car magnet." So it's filed away in my head for later use. I love the elements of magic and it's an overall clean and beautiful design. For our logo, I was looking for something more square.

So here it is the doodle that lead us down the path to our brand new logo today. I love the continuous flow of the lines here and how the d and c merge together.

At this point I needed to outsource, so a friend of mine took the doodle and gave us a few options. After a week of back and forth we settled upon our new beautiful logo. You may be wondering where is the C for Company. I can assure you that it is there, you just have to look. 

That's the beauty about what we do, 2nd Sight Dance is not just about seeing what is in front of you, but also looking beyond for a deeper meaning. It is my hope that you will come and see our show and leave looking at things a little differently.

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