Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Days Left Until Debut

by Glynn Owens - Artistic Director

It's always hard for me to know where to begin. Perhaps I should start at the end and move backwards.

Last night, (May 10th), 2nd Sight Dance had its first tech rehearsal in full dress, costume and lighting.  It was not without it's challenges, but overall it was successful.  I'm so fortunate to be working with such great people to help this vision of mine become a reality.  Luckier still that they are patient and calm in the midst of my anxiety. Susan Walsh, Matt Tamanini, Kimberly Moy and Victoria Kroll did their magic behind the scenes.  A huge thanks to all of them for their help last night.

My dancers did such a great job dancing while adapting to the space.  We have been talking about it for a long time, trying to conceptualize the setting, but it wasn't until last night that they got the full effect as to the shape and size of the stage and the unique backstage area and dressing rooms. They handled themselves professionally. "Many hands make light work," and the teamwork off stage and after performance was truly great.

I was interviewed by a reporter from West Orange Times that should be in circulation this coming Thursday (May 14th).  It was neat to be interviewed and have someone ask questions that allowed me to reflect and share what the process and motivation of the company is.  I am looking forward to reading it.

The really exciting news … we were selected by Orlando Sentinel reporter Mathew Palm as one of the Top 5 New shows to see at Fringe this year.  This came as a huge pleasant surprise to us, and to make it even sweeter, our company picture was used as the article image.  This came as a result from the 2 minute preview we did back in April. There were a lot of very talented groups that evening, so be selected from such a great group of local performers was truly an honor.

I am fearful (just being honest), but optimistic about opening night.  It's like watching a dream that has been hidden in my heart being brought to life in front of my eyes.  It has taken the effort of such a great group of talented and devoted people, to whom I am so grateful.

So come see us and let us know what you think. Remember we only have 4 shows and your support means a lot.

Monday, April 13, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: 2nd Sight Dance Company Debuts May 15, 2015 at Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

2nd Sight Dance Company Debuts May 15, 2015 at Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival
New Orlando-based dance troupe blends contemporary dance with theatrical illusions

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 13, 2015) – Orlando’s newest professional dance company, 2nd Sight Dance Company, is debuting at the 2015 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival with its original production SHADOWS & LIGHT. This family-friendly production blending the best of dance and magic will feature four performances: May 15, 17, 21 and 24.

Created by G. Edward Owens, 2nd Sight Dance Company is a dance company that features dancers from Central Florida. With its local artists, it hopes to further enrich the Orlando arts community and bring awareness to the art of dance. Unlike other dance groups, 2nd Sight Dance seamlessly blends the art of contemporary dance with traditional, yet mind-boggling, visual effects found in the magic world’s greatest illusions to provide audiences with a fresh perspective. One of the pieces features a dancer who must escape from the confines of a straightjacket as she fluidly moves through the choreography.

SHADOWS & LIGHT is different from any dance performance or typical magic show anyone has ever seen before,” said G. Edward Owens, founder, choreographer and artistic director of 2nd Sight Dance Company. “I want our audiences to leave with a sense of wonder after witnessing an amazing dance performance filled with entertaining acts of illusion.”

Dancers and founding members for 2nd Sight Dance Company include: Miranda Bengtson, Mai Claypool, Kirsten Johnson, Chelsea Lester, Apollonia Lysandrou, Joseph J. Nuñez, Brittany Rollins, Sarah Serrano and Alexis Zimmerman. The SHADOWS & LIGHT production team includes G. Edward Owens (choreographer), Victoria R. Kroll (rehearsal director) and Matt Tamanini (lighting designer).

2nd Sight Dance Company will perform on the following dates:

  •  Friday, May 15 at 7:45 p.m.
  •  Sunday, May 17 at 1:15 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 21 at 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 24 at 3 p.m.

Tickets are now on sale at Pricing is set at $10 per ticket plus the cost of the Orlando Fringe Festival Button ($9). A Fringe button is required to enter any Fringe show within any venue for anyone 13 years and older. The button is a one-time purchase. Button proceeds go to support Orlando Fringe. Buttons can be purchased at all of the Fringe Box Offices, Fringe Merchandise Booths located on the Lawn and inside the upper lobby of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center during the operating hours of the festival.

For more information, visit Stay connected by following the company’s Facebook page.


Images and B-roll
Photo credit: Miles Bresin/KBAM Photography and Kimberly Moy/2nd Sight Dance

Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director G. Edward Owens in Orlando, Fla., 2nd Sight Dance Company is dedicated to producing innovative and original dance compositions. Owens’ choreography uses dance as a medium for communication that evokes emotion and speaks to audiences of all backgrounds. More than just a performance, 2nd Sight Dance Company performances are an interactive experience.
 2nd Sight Dance blends traditional dance (ballet, contemporary, modern) with the theatrical wonder and mystery of illusion. The choreography thrives on audiences with open minds who are not afraid of connecting through direct participation. 2nd Sight Dance Company strives to change the paradigms of how dance and magic are viewed in today's culture.

For more information, please contact:
Kimberly Moy
Marketing Manager

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rehearsal Notes with Victoria Kroll

by Victoria Kroll - Rehearsal Director 

A few months after meeting Glynn, he asked to meet up one evening to discuss a concept he had for a dance company.  As soon as he mentioned he was a magician, I wanted to see something disappear!  Then I focused and realized what an amazing idea this was, to take different types of performance art and blend it into one.  First thing we had to do was find a time and place to perform.  Luckily Kim had already begun researching and we agreed the Orlando Fringe Festival was a great venue for our premier performance.  Luck was on our side - we were chosen at random, and got our first choice in venue!

Then we had the task of finding dancers, and this was right around the holidays.  We decided to hold auditions and we went right to work posting it all over Facebook and inviting every dancer we knew.  I posted the audition notice on a few dance websites I follow.  The main concern was, of course, that no one would show up.  We were quite surprised and excited with the turnout we had!  I knew then, that people believed in Glynn’s vision as much as I did.  After the audition, several people contacted us that they were unable to make it, but were very interested in dancing with us.  Glynn held a few private auditions and our company was formed!  We were so fortunate to find such talented, dedicated, and flexible (both physically and mentally!) dancers to work with us for this performance…I don’t think the pieces would have the same effect with just Glynn and me performing.  Each dancer is so different, from their movement quality to their personality.  We have had a lot of laughs during this rehearsal process.

Rehearsals started a bit slow, as each dancer began to learn the style of Glynn’s choreography and Glynn learning how each dancer learns.  The tricky part about this was not only did our company have to learn choreography, they also had to learn illusions.  Glynn started with the movement, as this would come easier to the dancers.  After spending about 2 rehearsals on a piece, the magic element was added.  I have to admit “Lost in Light” is my favorite piece, while not technically the most challenging, it has a strong message that I believe we can all relate to.

Things suddenly took off and we have a full show ready!  Now here we are, one week from the Fringe Preview and I am extremely happy with how the pieces are really starting to come together.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been an amazing experience so far.

Victoria R. Kroll received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from DeSales University (Center Valley, PA). She was the Dance Captain for the Premier Theatre Company in Lincroft, NJ before reloacting to Florida to become a Performer for Walt Disney World. She appeared in many filmings, including the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade with Mariah Carey. Victoria was a ballet/pointe student of former Joffrey Principal, Trinette Singleton, and has studied with choreographers Savion Glover, Mia Michaels, and Tyce Diorio. An award winning choreographer, Victoria has taught all styles of dance to children through adult students throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.Victoria is a member, by exam, of Florida Dance Masters, Inc.

Click here to learn more about SHADOWS & LIGHT!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our New Logo

2nd Sight Dance Co. - New Logo
by Kimberly Moy - Marketing & Publicity

If you've been following us for a little while you are probably very familiar with our box logo, but as we've grown it became apparent that we needed our logo to grow with us. Glynn and I wanted something that was a little cleaner, but also encapsulated the illusion that we bring into our performances. If you've ever worked on creating something from scratch you know that it's hard.

I like to start on paper and then work my way to creating something in Paint before bringing it into professional software. Yes, Paint, the same software that you used in school when you were bored to make colorful shapes. Needless to say my designs, were not quite hitting their mark.

Glynn's Original Drawing
Kim's Paint Attempt

Again, it was back to the drawing board. I have found that the best and most effective ads and logos are the most literal, but I was drawing a blank. Our next point of inspiration came from a doodle. A doodle not by me or Glynn, but by Glynn's 13 year old daughter Gracie. I'm not sure if she was trying, but Gracie managed to hit the point of stating our name, but also adding little bits of illusion.

To the left you see her first drawing, which my immediate thought was "That would make a great car magnet." So it's filed away in my head for later use. I love the elements of magic and it's an overall clean and beautiful design. For our logo, I was looking for something more square.

So here it is the doodle that lead us down the path to our brand new logo today. I love the continuous flow of the lines here and how the d and c merge together.

At this point I needed to outsource, so a friend of mine took the doodle and gave us a few options. After a week of back and forth we settled upon our new beautiful logo. You may be wondering where is the C for Company. I can assure you that it is there, you just have to look. 

That's the beauty about what we do, 2nd Sight Dance is not just about seeing what is in front of you, but also looking beyond for a deeper meaning. It is my hope that you will come and see our show and leave looking at things a little differently.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Where We Are Now by Glynn Owens

by Glynn Owens - Artistic Director

Two months in, approximately 8 full rehearsals, and we have accomplished quite a lot.  Being my first solo project of only my dances, I am a little uncertain of my pacing when it comes to being prepared for May 15th, our first performance at the Orlando Fringe. At times I feel confident, others I feel unprepared. At any given moment if you were to ask me what am I thinking about, I'd most likely respond "Fringe".

My dancers are an eclectic mix of talent and background.  I feel optimistic that the company will rally to grasp the new concepts being presented and asked to learn for the new choreography. Everyone seems to be really supportive of the premise of the company, and subsequently, me.  I am so grateful that I have found dancers who are willing to set aside their free time on Sundays to rehearse.  I respect them all very much for doing so, even with their foreknowledge that the dancers will only be receiving meager monetary compensation for all the hours and effort they are putting in to make this dream of mine become a reality.

I am also so grateful to Terrah Denham for her financial assistance to this project.  Her longstanding support of me and my dream has been backed by a generous donation, for which I am completely humbled and extremely grateful.

You are only as good as the team you build around you, it has been said.  I am lucky and thankful to have Kimberly Moy and Victoria Kroll by my side since the fateful night after class when I began to share this dream of mine of starting a dance company.  Both have worked above and beyond any expectations I may have had. Though they are not dancers with the company, they have both become such crucial parts of the company, their absence would be devastating to me and 2nd Sight Dance.

Lastly, I am without words to tell how very fortunate, humbled and grateful I am for such an amazing wife, Cheryl Owens. She has carried this burden of a dream with me long before talks ever began about applying for Fringe.  She has sacrificed and paid an extreme cost, both financially and emotionally, to see this dream of mine come to fruition. Without her, this project would in many ways be rather pointless to me.  It has been her unwavering love and encouragement that has pulled me through my darkest times of doubt and fear.  I owe so much more than just a debt of gratitude to her. She is my biggest fan, my most loyal supporter, and my closest & most trusted friend. I am so very blessed.

Now, moving forward ... we dance.

Friday, March 6, 2015

See 2nd Sight Dance Co. @ Orlando Fringe Festival


Friday, May 15 @ 7:45pm
Sunday, May 17 @ 1:15pm
Thursday, May 21 @ 5:30pm
Sunday, May 24 @ 3:00pm

Orlando Shakepeare Theater
Yellow Venue (Goldman Theater)
Orlando, FL

Tickets are on sale now. Click here to purchase tickets. Tickets are $10 + an Orlando Fringe Festival Button ($9).

We highly suggest purchasing tickets in advance as we only have 100 seats per show and are expected to sell out.

So you may be wondering what is 2nd Sight Dance Company and why should you see our show. Well, we're the newest dance company in Orlando. What makes 2nd Sight Dance different than other contemporary groups is that we incorporate illusion techniques into our performance.

You'll be entertained by more than just an average dance show or a typical "magic" show. Our show will last about 50 minutes and is family friendly.

Keep watching our website or our Facebook page @2ndSightDance for the latest information.