Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Days Left Until Debut

by Glynn Owens - Artistic Director

It's always hard for me to know where to begin. Perhaps I should start at the end and move backwards.

Last night, (May 10th), 2nd Sight Dance had its first tech rehearsal in full dress, costume and lighting.  It was not without it's challenges, but overall it was successful.  I'm so fortunate to be working with such great people to help this vision of mine become a reality.  Luckier still that they are patient and calm in the midst of my anxiety. Susan Walsh, Matt Tamanini, Kimberly Moy and Victoria Kroll did their magic behind the scenes.  A huge thanks to all of them for their help last night.

My dancers did such a great job dancing while adapting to the space.  We have been talking about it for a long time, trying to conceptualize the setting, but it wasn't until last night that they got the full effect as to the shape and size of the stage and the unique backstage area and dressing rooms. They handled themselves professionally. "Many hands make light work," and the teamwork off stage and after performance was truly great.

I was interviewed by a reporter from West Orange Times that should be in circulation this coming Thursday (May 14th).  It was neat to be interviewed and have someone ask questions that allowed me to reflect and share what the process and motivation of the company is.  I am looking forward to reading it.

The really exciting news … we were selected by Orlando Sentinel reporter Mathew Palm as one of the Top 5 New shows to see at Fringe this year.  This came as a huge pleasant surprise to us, and to make it even sweeter, our company picture was used as the article image.  This came as a result from the 2 minute preview we did back in April. There were a lot of very talented groups that evening, so be selected from such a great group of local performers was truly an honor.

I am fearful (just being honest), but optimistic about opening night.  It's like watching a dream that has been hidden in my heart being brought to life in front of my eyes.  It has taken the effort of such a great group of talented and devoted people, to whom I am so grateful.

So come see us and let us know what you think. Remember we only have 4 shows and your support means a lot.

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